Challenges & Opportunities

Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation
Annual Report
FY 2021-22

Message from the Director

Welcome to Challenges & Opportunities

Welcome to Challenges and Opportunities, our FY 2021-22 Annual Report. As the title says, we’ve had challenges this year. I’m proud to say Washington County Land Use & Transportation staff met those challenges head on, turning them into opportunities to improve our services to our customers.

This past fiscal year, we’ve taken opportunities to increase our public engagement efforts through partnerships with community-based organizations. This has helped us make recommendations for both the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program 2023-2028 funding cycle and Middle Housing planning initiatives.

We’ve turned staffing shortages into opportunities to review our workflows and procedures to improve efficiencies. We’ve provided staff with opportunities to earn commercial drivers licenses to expand their skill sets and address our need for equipment operators.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these and other challenges that we’ve turned into opportunities. We’re continuing to face more challenges in FY 2022-23. But I’m confident we’ll continue to turn these new challenges into new opportunities to continue our commitment to our Washington County community.

Stephen Roberts, Director
Washington County
Department of Land Use & Transportation

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Our Challenges & Opportunities

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